Relative Films Ltd Relative Films Ltd Scottish award winning documentary production company of Duncan Cowles.
Duncan Cowles Desire lines Short Film Poster 2022

Desire Lines is a short film by Duncan Cowles with original music composed by Richard Luke completed in September 2022.

Through distant observation of people walking on desire lines, a filmmaker notices a pattern in peoples tendency to cut corners, and reflects on what this might mean for the future of our planet.

‘Desire Lines’ are the official name given to the unofficial paths created as a consequence of erosion by human or animal footfall. These paths usually represent the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and destination.

What do desire lines say about human nature and our attitude towards the changing climate? Are we doomed to always take the path of least resistance? Or can we still be saved by collectively forging a new path together?

A film by Duncan Cowles
Original music by Richard Luke
Sound mix by Keith Duncan
Poster design by David Lemm

Completed: September 2022
Production Company: Relative Films Ltd

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